The GayStation isn’t just an old joke, it’s real. As part of Sweden’s Pride auction, this PS4 is worth about $2500.

I don’t want a PS4, but I want THIS PS4.


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I smell trouble brewing

The pope is just so fucking chill I love it

"Gays? Sure, that Catholic Church is open to everyone"

"Aliens? Sure, the Catholic Church is open to everyone"

Modern pope for the modern world.

Loving pope for a loving God.





The perfect cuddling couch.

That is not a couch. That is a nest, and I want one.

My idea of household heaven right here.

This appeals to me.




this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

I give Disney a lot of shit. 

But here’s my point. If more of us acted like the definition that love is putting someone else’s needs first the world would be a better place. 

But only if they were in relationships where that was reciprocated.

And ONLY if they knew when the should ask and be willing to stand up for themselves and what they need.

Love can’t go one way. Ever. Or it’s a painful damaging thing. And someone will always be “winning” it and that’s not what love is meant to be about. 

So yes, be with the person/be friends with the person you would willingly sacrifice yourself for BUT ONLY if they do the same thing for you. 

BUT loving someone only if they’d return the love isn’t selfless and isn’t love. If you’re expecting to gain from the love you give, how loving is that? God loves all people, even though many people ignore God and even hate God. Yes it’s painful to love without being loved in return, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good to love even without being loved in return.

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how do you get a nice body without moving